Get Conscious.

Everything you do has an impact. Does that impact match your intentions?

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Get Capable.

Leadership is both an art and a science. We offer proven best practices that will improve your skills.

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Get Connected.

All Leaders have followers. Get connected to your stakeholders, build powerful allies.

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Smarts from LeadershipSmarts

Organizational Leadership Simplified

I’ve just published an article on the Good Men Project Website called Organizational Leadership Simplified.  My hope is that our simple 3 step model will help leaders grow an organization of any size to the next level.  I also hope it will blow away the myth of the “natural born” leader.  Anybody can lead.  Really. […]

Free StartUP Performance Coaching

Are you a Startup CEO losing sleep? If so, you qualify for a free executive coaching session! Leadership is all about inspiring committed and aligned action behind your vision. True, it can be lonely at the top, but don’t forget, you can’t do it all alone.   You need many others to: Secure funding Grow […]