Today’s leaders manage unprecedented complexity.

Global networks, information overload, relational demands, triple bottom lines… We’re pulled in a thousand directions a day. How can we slice through the tumult and achieve meaningful results?

We define leadership as the art of inspiring committed and aligned action toward a clear goal.

Our process empowers you to shift chaos into order, overwhelm into creativity, and crisis into decisive, powerful direction.

Our clients care deeply.  They’re proud of the work they do.  Through global vision or local service, they’re all striving to create a better world.  We’re here to support that work — and even make it enjoyable.

What Sets Us Apart

  • Reliable Expertise.  For over 12 years, we’ve supported top-level executives and systems-wide change in world-class corporations, public agencies, and non-profits.  Our clients have included Amgen, Lucent, and the Department of Energy (hear their thoughts).  Our robust experience and proven expertise equip us to help in a wide range of organizational cultures and situations.
  • Lasting Change. Each client undergoes a custom-designed program.  We blend coaching, on-site work, assignments, and integration to ensure the results you deserve. Our work is heavyweight and refined, and models problem-solving processes you can use for years to come.  You enjoy reliable, sustainable growth.
  • Systems Approach. Recognizing the cultural and organizational systems that contain each individual is essential. We shift focus fluidly from the individual to the larger whole and back again. This empowers you to leverage appropriate, effective change.
  • Rapid Empowerment. At the heart of our work is a single, essential shift:  from reactivity to creativity. From limitation to liberation. From fear to passion. From conditioned habit to conscious choice. We demystify this change with practical, insightful tools and techniques.

Versatile, Focused, and Holistic

We’ve got the experience and insight to tune a program that’s pitch-perfect for you. We move fluidly between 3 main areas of focus, depending on your needs:

  • Improve your organization – Coaching and consulting for senior leaders sparks systemic success. Together, we craft an aligned, strategic plan to optimize performance, effectiveness, and vision.
  • Improve your team – Leadership development programs for both teams and individuals gets resonant results. Together, we strengthen relationships, connect to stakeholders, and implement sustainable solutions.
  • Improve your self – Executive coaching focuses on 3 levels of mastery: self, relationships, and systems. Together, we build your self awareness, boost your confidence, orient your career, and sharpen your leadership.

Our team offers a wealth of experience, tools, and protocols. Whether you’re elbow-deep in an organizational crisis, anticipating a transition, or simply seeking optimization, we’ll help you become more creative, effective, and conscious.

Make a difference, one decision at a time.

Ready to shift? Contact us to learn more.