For StartUPs

Are you a Startup CEO that’s losing sleep?

If so, you qualify for a free executive coaching session !

Leadership is all about inspiring committed and aligned action behind your vision.

True, it can be lonely at the top, but don’t forget, you can’t do it all alone.

You need many others to :

  • Secure funding
  • Grow your team
  • Attract customers
  • Deliver on promises
  • Manage the burn rate

We help you solve your problems NOW while developing skills to align yourself, your team, investors, customers and suppliers to accelerate results for ever.

Through our professional coaching you develop 3 levels of mastery:

  1. Personal mastery – forget about being master of the universe, start by mastering yourself
  2. Interpersonal mastery – with positive partnerships any thing can be achieved
  3. Organizational mastery – creating the right environment for your team’s success

Why LeadershipSmarts?

  • Proven: We have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs and managers develop leadership for over 15 years
  • Credible: Our coaches are professionally trained and certified and have real business experience and success
  • Practical: Our practical tools for powerful leadership are simple and easy to apply
  • Tranformational: It’s all about you becoming conscious, capable and connected to fulfill your full potential

Sign up for a free one hour coaching session (no strings attached).  Bring us your toughest challenge.   What have you got to loose?