Get Capable.

Know the facts.

Research shows…

30 days after training, the brain only retains only 10%.

Only 14% of training is ever applied on the job.

When you learn the same topics over time through coaching 85% is applied.

Our clients identify targeted goals for development, then we help design a customized approach to meet those goals that can include learning and applying best practices to improve performance, set strategy, support change, resolve conflict, develop alliances and much more.  Our “menu” of practical tools for powerful leadership takes the best of our 15 years designing innovative leadership training for large and small enterprises and reformulates it into bite sized lessons on leadership conducive to coaching.  In between sessions you can test the best practices you learn, then bring the results of your expanded efforts to your coach to deepen your learning.

We stay on top of the latest developments in the field of leadership and encourage you to do the same.  Why reinvent the wheel when you can leverage proven approaches to get the job done?  New research and insights are always emerging. Don’t have time to read the latest books and articles on leadership?  No worries, we know our clients are busy so we offer short cheat sheets that summarize the key concepts you need to know.

Below is a menu of topics you and your coach can use to enhance your coaching sessions and expand your leadership skills quickly.