Get Conscious.

You are your future.

No matter what your position is, what you do matters.  If you are a leader in a senior position everything you do whether positive or negative has an exponential impact.

Leadership is all about pursuit of a future, better than the past. Are you aware of the future you are creating? Are you being intentional in your pursuit of that future? Everyone has good intentions, but are your intentions and impact lining up?

It can take years to build a great reputation but only about 5 minutes to take it down.  Do you know what your 5 minute risk is?

Although it is probably one of the least discussed leadership competencies, self-awareness is possibly one of the most valuable. Self-awareness is being conscious of what you’re good at while acknowledging what you still have yet to learn. This includes admitting when you don’t have the answer and owning up to mistakes.

The coaches of LeadershipSmarts skillfully support rich discovery of  your  unique strengths, weaknesses, personality, motivations and blind spots.  We use state of the art assessment tools including:  EQi, DiSC, Strengthsfinder and the Enneagram assessment.  When it comes to leadership, we support a powerful 360 assessment (The Leadership Circle Profile) that provides benchmarked measurements that reveal your leadership competencies and potential derailers. Furthermore, your coach has experience supporting leaders from all walks of life.  Armed with view they can give you an informed perspective on your unique situation that includes best practices and proven examples of what works and what doesn’t.

Every action has consequences.  Many carry unintended consequences.  LeadershipSmarts coaches are specialists in Polarity Thinking, a competency that can help you predict and avoid negative unintended consequences of every decision and action you take.  Polarity Thinking supports the successful resolution of competing objectives, expands your ability to be more inclusive of all stakeholders and converts foes to fans.

With our help you will become more conscious and in turn, more intentional.  Your reality will expand as will your ability to deliver sustainable results on multiple competing goals with minimal negative consequences.