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Organizational Leadership Simplified

I’ve just published an article on the Good Men Project Website called Organizational Leadership Simplified.  My hope is that our simple 3 step model will help leaders grow an organization of any size to the next level.  I also hope it will blow away the myth of the “natural born” leader.  Anybody can lead.  Really. […]

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5 Steps to Craft a Company Culture with Gender Energy Balance

5 Steps to Craft a Company Culture with Gender Energy Balance by Patty Beach and Roger Toennis This article is part three of a three-part series designed to help you shift your organizational culture to a healthy blend of masculine and feminine energy. Part one is 5 Signs Your Company is Too Masculine and Part […]

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5 Signs Your Company Culture is Too Masculine

When companies have a good balance of masculine and feminine strengths, they are better able to serve all customers and employees of every gender thrive. Did you know that companies (like people) are masculine, feminine or a blend of both? As male/female partners working in leadership and gender, we believe that companies with a sensible […]

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The Front Line is THE Bottom Line

Front line management is the bottom line of your company. When it comes to developing managers skills find out why training doesn’t work and what does.

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Tips to Break Through Radio Silence

Have you ever presented an idea to a group for feedback – but instead of a lively debate just got back a lackluster or even blank reaction?
Read more for tips on how to get a more lively dialogue going when you are trying to get buy in on an idea.

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Blindsided by Feedback

Getting feedback is key to growth, that said, it can be hard to know what to do if some of that feedback comes out of the blue. This situation is thoughtfully addressed on Jean Latting’s blog: Leading Consciously.
The scenario was written by Carole Marmell. Our own Jennifer Joyce, cofounder of LeadershipSmarts responds. This is the first of a two-part segment. We’ve given you a teaser here but to get the rest click here to read the original post on Jean’s blog: Leading Consciously.

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Inspired by the Spill

It’s been over eighty days since BP’s rig exploded in the Gulf of Mexico. Tar balls are now reaching the coast of 5 states. It’s a huge relief to know that finally the spill has been contained. There has been precious little light down this dark tunnel. Still, we do see a silver lining for leadership […]

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