Laura Sprinkle

Laura Sprinkle serves as the Operations Manager and Senior Administrator for True North Programs (dba LeadershipSmarts). Prior to joining True North Programs/LeadershipSmarts, Laura served as the Office Manager for a large mental health practice for 7 years before returning to graduate school to pursue a career in counseling. Laura also has 3 years’ experience providing practice management consulting and training. After earning two Master’s degrees in mental health disciplines, she worked as a Primary and Family Therapist for a residential eating disorder treatment center for almost 5 years.

Laura brings her unique combination of administrative experience and mental health training to the team at True North Programs. In this role, Laura has helped manage dozens of 360° assessments. She also has extensive training in administering, scoring, interpreting, and reporting psychological assessments, such as IQ and achievement testing. Laura has experience both managing and training new staff across multiple disciplines.

Please feel free to contact her regarding account issues at:

251-533-8486 (M-Th, 9am-3pm)