Assessments support self discovery.  We provide…

360 Degree Feedback – We all have blind spots in terms of how others experience us.  Our approach to getting honest, helpful feedback is unique and personal.  Rather than anonymous feedback that leaves you in the dark, our process connects people and facilitates conversations that grow relationships in addition to furthering your own development.  We recommend the Leadership Circle 360!

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)The results of this assessment describe valuable differences between psychologically healthy people.  You will better appreciate style differences (and others will be less likely to drive you crazy) and you will learn to leverage your own unique gift.

DISC Behavioral Profile – Our behaviors are pretty consistent and they can be measured.  Gain new self-awareness about your behaviors and how they support or undermine your success and relationships with others.

Interest and Values profile – While the behavioral profile tells you what you do, in terms of behaviors, this assessment helps you uncover why you do it.  Your interests and values are what inspire you, make you excited to get up in the morning.  Discover what inspires you and align your life behind what’s important.

Emotional Intelligence – Emotional Intelligence is a key factor in personal and professional intelligence, but how can we develop it completely if we have not measured it?  We use the Baron-EQi assessment, the most well researched and validated emotional intelligence assessment instrument in the industry.

Strengthsfinder – The latest research in human development tells us that for your greatest success, “play to your strengths.”  We use the Strengthsfinder profile to zero in on your top 5 strengths and leverage your strengths to their highest capacity.

Enneagram – Personal mastery requires that you invest in your personal and spiritual growth.  The enneagram is an assessment that quickly pinpoints a core area of personal development that can lead to profound changes to positively reshape your life and overall effectiveness.