Executive Coaching

I offer online scheduling using BookFreshBreakthrough results start with leveraging our most powerful tool — ourselves.
The single most powerful leadership development tool is one-on-one coaching.  We’ve fine-tuned our coaching process to deliver potent results:

  • Focused yet flexible structure keeps you focused on progress.
  • Rapidly identify your high leverage goals and establish a clear path towards them.
  • Target 3 Levels of Mastery over 4 Developmental Phases.
  • Anchor your insights with well researched tools and validated assessments.

Our 3 phase coaching process:

  1. Discover. Gather feedback with assessments and interviews. Establish baseline measures.
  2. Design. Create a development plan. Formulate a custom training program using our menu of options. Vet your plan with senior management.
  3. Deliver. Implement the training program. Follow up with stakeholders. Measure results.