Regarding Executive Coaching

“Our work to visualize my future direction in the company led me to take on projects I had wanted to become involved in and ultimately resulted in my appointment to head up the reorganization project to create a division. The fact that I feel more confident and comfortable has opened up opportunities in my professional and personal life and added to my ability to lead in this highly visible and high impact project.”

Finance/Information Director,
Consumer goods industry, UK

“My experience with executive coaching substantially influenced my leadership skills, which ultimately led to my Director position. My coach always expressed a strong belief in me even during my most difficult leadership challenges. She always encouraged me to face the “hard stuff” to achieve the biggest impact. Her techniques around inquiry and different perspectives always helped overcome these challenges.”

Director of Customer Solutions Installation,
Communications Technology Industry, CO

“Some of the things I particularly appreciate about how my executive coach worked with me were: her ability to get me to be specific about how I was going to talk through a difficult issue or how to better connect with someone I didn’t see eye to eye with. I loved her ability to get me to consider how my natural state of being for being successful is to “push” my way through obstacles and though that may have led to my success in the organization thus far, it can be emotionally exhausting. She helped me to build more powerful skills around enrolling people, listening to understand their perspective, and finding ways to ‘go around the obstacles’ instead of through them.”

Director in R&D,
Telecommunications, CO

“As the human resources leader for the highest grossing manufacturing facility in our bio-science division, I have a very demanding role. In addition, we have aggressive growth goals of increasing our revenues from $2.8 billion currently to $10 billion by 2010. Our facility alone will hire over 150 people this year. As one can imagine, this creates a great deal of stress and anxiety. My coach has helped me remain focused, enabling me to succeed at work and also maintain a more balanced life.”

HR Executive,
Bio-tech industry, CA

Regarding Leadership Development Programs

“My executive coach continuously stressed the importance of strategic thinking and direction. Strategic direction and vision ultimately led my organization to a new level of performance. Associates’ actions and results fully demonstrated alignment with my organization’s direction. My organization’s new strategic direction led to innovative programs that influenced product quality and credibility with customers.”

Director of Customer Solutions Installation
Communications Technology Industry, CO

“Our management team was geographically dispersed and plagued by a number of serious communication and trust issues. We had come from different parts of the business that had different organizational cultures and often had worked on products that competed with each other. The leadership development work focused on these issues at two levels. The combination of Executive Coaching coupled with Leadership Development Training facilitated tremendous personal and team growth and cohesion. As a direct result of this work, our team developed high trust and alignment, improved communication, improved direction setting and improved morale. It became, in fact, one of the best teams that I had ever been a member of during my 34 years with my company. In the face of a series of spin-offs, layoffs, and restructurings, our organization continued to get timely new products to market that caused a strong growth in our market share, both nationally and globally, at a time when the entire telecommunications industry has been floundering.”

Director of Software Development
Telecommunications, CO

“I have had the very good fortune to have been promoted a couple times since I’ve joined my new communications technology company, most recently, to Director of Engineering. Along with the promotion, I inherited a team of about 30 engineers in another state in addition to the 50 already on my team that were originally part of an acquisition we made a couple years back. I had little familiarity with them, their work and the culture they brought with them. The same, of course, was true for their knowledge of me.

One of the first things I did when I began planning my initial interactions with them was go back to my cornerstones that you helped me develop. They still ring true for me. I used these, and some of the material I originally developed during the Leadership Forum as a way to prepare for my first meeting with them. I think this helped me communicate some things about who I am, and helped me decide how I wanted to present myself to them. This was great work that you did for the people at our company. It’s helped me at a number of points along my career path. I can’t thank you enough.”

Director of Engineering
Communications Technology Industry, CO


Regarding Polarity Thinking Workshops

“I want to make sure you know how important your workshop has been to me. This is practically the first time in 30 years that I have seen the masculine portrayed in a positive way. That makes me believe your message is as important for men as for women, and not just so men can move ‘to the feminine’ at work, but so they can reclaim the goodness of the masculine. I believe until men do that they will not be able to integrate the feminine.

Engineer in Aeronautics Industry