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Guide a team towards a culture of collaboration

Create simple processes for all voices to be heard

Support a large team to engage with creative problem solving

Develop skills to create an inclusive and diverse culture

Through the Art of Alignment


THE ART OF ALIGNMENT: A Practical Guide to Inclusive Leadership
will teach you & your teams:

  • How to light up and work together better

  • How to get any sized group to agree on decisions and plans

  • How to get executive sponsorship and backing

  • How to navigate company politics, whether you are at the bottom or top

  • How to get things back on track when they fall off the rails




Patty is an inclusive leadership evangelist who combines leadership best practices and adult learning principles to make the hard work of inclusive leadership easy to master. She founded LeadershipSmarts to further a more conscious form of leadership that balances business acumen with socio-emotional intelligence, what Patty calls Versatile Leadership. Versatile Leaders know that even when they have a strong vision, they must lead inclusively to foster alignment up, down and across the organization and create a culture where all can thrive. 

Patty is an ICF Master Certified Coach and holds two master's degrees, one in Organizational Development from Pepperdine and a second in Geology from the University of Tulsa. Prior to becoming a leadership expert, Patty worked as a geoscientist and manager leading initiatives in new technology and emerging markets in the energy industry. 

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Author of Leverage Change:

8 Ways to Achieve Faster, Easier, Better Results and Real-Time Strategic Change & How to Involve an Entire Organization in Fast and Far-Reaching Change

“Alignment is hard work. Too often, teams fall short of reaching an agreement on important decisions. Even when teams seem to achieve alignment in a meeting, you soon find out many were never truly on board. Patty’s book is needed by leaders and consultants charged with the tough task of gaining alignment in teams of all types. This step-by-step guide transforms a group of people with different positions into an aligned team, committed to a common cause. Pay special attention to the Memorable Success Formulas at the end of each section. They’re sure to keep you on track!”



Founder, The Leadership Circle, Co-Author, Mastering Leadership and Scaling Leadership

“Alignment sounds like a soft word, kind of touchy-feely. It is not. It is the hard work that leadership is all about. Alignment is a Promise of Leadership. The implicit expectation is that you, as the leader, will align the organization. That expectation is met by an unspoken promise that you will guide us to row together and amplify each other’s contribution; that you will engage us in a creative exploration that evokes our common passion; that you will create a truth-telling culture that gets us vision focused. Fulfilling that promise gets the best ideas implemented. This book is an actionable guide to creating and maintaining alignment. Read it if you want to become that kind of leader.”



Digital Sociologist, USC, Board Member and Director of Infrastructure Masons, and author of Left to Their Own Devices: How Digital Natives Are Reshaping the American Dream

“Businesses today face tectonic shifts: distributed teams, social justice movements, and disruptive technology. To survive, leaders must reconfigure the bottom line with an ‘all hands on deck’ coordinated effort. This isn’t another ‘hustle culture’ book; instead, it is a roadmap to align team, mission, and goals—a winning formula for any business. Engaging and readable, I highly recommend this book for anyone navigating the uncertain waters of change in the new normal of business we all find ourselves in today."

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