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Build the Managerial Courage to Fix the System

There is no shortage of important topics on which to align in order to grow and scale your business.

You might have the best ideas but they are worthless if you can’t get any traction behind them.

You have to get work done through others, and it can be quite a challenge. To do it well, you need to get your team members on the same page so they can deliver on goals when you aren’t around. If you don’t do this effectively, they will either flounder or feel micromanaged.

Alignment becomes harder in a business that has been around awhile because people become entrenched in the “way things are done around here.” If this is your reality, don’t give up.

All organizations must evolve.

Someone has to challenge the status quo; otherwise, the business risks being killed off by agile competitors and disruptive technology.

An alignment coach can help you build the managerial courage to pull key stakeholders together to address tough issues that block progress.

And the good news is it doesn’t take that long. During our last coach training session on my Certified Alignment Practitioner Program, one leader commented “we got more work done in the last 3 days using these basic tools than we had achieved in the previous 6 months”.

Yes, alignment tools are effective. That is why they are so simple to teach, learn and apply.

I've just returned from out of state with one of my clients where I delivered a company wide Alignment process and saw the profound shift that comes from stepping out of being the victim and leading the entire system to become what you know it can be.

When each person in the company fully participated in the alignment process, the results were incredible. I saw each leader, each team member come alive in their own role and together as a team.

Conscious, capable, cohesive, and creative. This is what we want from our leaders in today's world.

There is no time like there is now when we need to work in collaboration with each other.


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