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Alignment Fundamentals is an exclusive training program to empower managers, team leaders, and project managers with essential skills and tools to lead projects and drive change in large enterprises.

Projects that cross disciplines and functions often involve significant challenges, including organizational complexity, multiple stakeholder groups, and resource constraints. Participants gain the expertise to overcome these challenges using a simple collaborative approach. In doing so they break down silos, inspire innovation, and accelerate real results.

  • Navigate organizational complexity

  • Increase buy-in and follow-through

  • Foster a positive culture of engagement

  • Improve team dynamics

  • Gain sponsorship and support

  • Solve problems inclusively and efficiently


“At Alaska Public Media, the investment in developing the leadership of myself and my team has been invaluable. Many of LeadershipSmarts memorable expressions are now a part of our corporate vocabulary. But more importantly, as we've put solid principles and practices in place, we are working smarter, more efficiently, communicating effectively, and enjoying a high level of collegiality.”



Chief Executive Officer

Alaska Public Media

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We make the hard work of inclusive leadership simple to understand and easy to do.


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Alignment Fundamentals is a fast-paced program delivered in four 3-hour virtual training sessions. Over the course of a month, we dive into a dynamic learning journey where a cohort of up to 15 participants work together in small groups to formulate solutions and plans for the projects they lead. As a result, they not only learn skills, they get real work done that accelerates outcomes.

Session I Alignment Overview: Explore the critical role of alignment in shaping robust business solutions and successful outcomes. Gain insights into the hidden costs of misalignment and acquire strategies to increase readiness for change. Learn simple principles and practices that help you to get any group of any size to agree and commit.

Session II Alignment Prep: Master the art of initiating projects. Prepare proposals to engage stakeholders in co-creative problem-solving. Learn to map out stakeholders, identify decision-makers, navigate constraints, define lines of authority, and streamline necessary approvals to gain cross-organizational support.

Session III Alignment Practice: Work co-creatively to align on a solution to a real business challenge. Learn the crucial steps to ensure that everyone knows who will do what by when.

Session IV Alignment Practice and Integration: Gain tools and tips to solidify agreements. Equip yourself to deal with pitfalls that disrupt alignment. Explore proactive strategies to avoid and overcome these challenges, and ensure that agreements reached result in long-term committed action and follow though.

Investment: Starting at $20,000


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