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For Project Managers and Team Leaders to lead projects and drive change in large enterprises.

  • Navigate organizational complexity

  • Increase buy-in and follow-through

  • Foster a positive culture of engagement

  • Improve team dynamics

  • Gain sponsorship and support

  • Solve problems inclusively and efficiently


Live-action coaching for Executive Teams to craft a solution to address a pressing company challenge.

Executive Coaching

For C-Suite Leaders to identify developmental needs for
conscious, connected, and capable leadership.

  • Improve decision-making processes and problem-solving capabilities.

  • Enhance collaboration, communication, and trust among team members.

  • Drive sustainable growth, innovation, and success for your organization.

  • Increase clarity, focus, and alignment around organizational goals and objectives.

  • Strengthen leadership effectiveness and resilience in navigating complex challenges and conflicting priorities.

  • Alignment skills at the personal, interpersonal, and team level

  • How to align stakeholders up, down, and across the organization

  • Leadership skills including social/emotional intelligence, strategic thinking, systemic thinking, executive presence, employee engagement, inclusive leadership skills

  • Application of alignment principles and practices to resolve real business challenges in the participant’s area of accountability


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Schedule a call with our team to discuss bringing
Alignment Programs to your organization.

“The LeadershipSmarts approach to leadership has helped me discover an authentic leadership style that allows me to bring my whole self to work and enables my team to feel comfortable doing the same. This has changed the way we work at the core level, allowing us to build trust, collaborate more openly and perform at a much higher level. I know I am a much more effective leader as a direct result of my coaching. I cannot recommend this process enough to any leader wishing to improve their effectiveness, emotional EQ and the capabilities of their team.”



Operations Manager

Northrop Grumman

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