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Alignment Fundamentals
Our Signature Offering

The most difficult challenge for leaders is how to get everyone on the same page to deliver on-timeunder budget projects, without compromising quality, safety, or the wellbeing of the team. Yet most leaders feel like they are “herding cats," stuck in a dysfunctional organizational culture with little hope of ever getting everyone aligned, much less fully committed and working together to deliver on an agreed-upon plan.


Our Alignment Fundamentals is designed to teach leaders at every level in an organization how to address this common problem and confidently align groups of any size, EVERY time, even when facing conflicting priorities, dysfunctional dynamics, or significant obstacles. The Art of Alignment is the process that separates dreamers from leaders that get things done. 


The simple principles and practices in the best-selling business book, The Art of Alignment: A Practical Guide to Inclusive Leadership by Patty Beach, have been used by thousands of leaders to engage their teams, tap into their collective wisdom, address obstacles, and get the team fully onboard with a co-created plan of action. 


Alignment Fundamentals Training is delivered over one month in 4 weekly, 3-hour, virtual sessions. You will learn and experience first hand just how powerful and easy it is to master The Art of Alignment

When you complete this action-packed learning program you will be able to

  • Productively engage your internal and external stakeholders

  • Solve problems inclusively AND efficiently 

  • Generate influence up, down, and across organizational lines

  • Ignite your team's untapped problem solving powers

  • Foster a culture of engagement, inclusion, equity, and diversity

  • Increase commitment and follow through on projects you lead

  • Manage disruptors that might be slowing forward movement

  • Stop wasting time in unproductive meetings

  • Ignite bold action and foster a culture of empowerment

"If all managers mastered ‘The Art of Alignment’, you would have an engaged and fired up workplace culture." 

-Curt Koffman, NYT Bestselling author of “First Break All The Rules: What the World’s Great Managers Do Differently” & “Culture Eats Strategy for Lunch”


Who is this training for?

This training is for leaders and subject matter experts at all levels that must get others working together to deliver business results on-time, under budget, and without compromising quality, safety, or the wellbeing of your team. 

If that’s you, this training is for you.


“The concept of alignment, and the easy ways we learned to get teams there, are so valuable. I wish everyone had it.” 

-Recent participant 

What specifically will we learn?

Leaders that master The Art of Alignment™ consistently engage others in co-creating business decisions, plans, and solutions in an efficient way that results in a higher level of commitment and co-ownershp of outcomes. Your take aways are: 

  1. Why Alignment Matters - Learn why alignment is key to business relationships and outcomes. Meanwhile, become aware of the costs of misalignments and how to avoid them. 

  2. Alignment Prep - Learn how to kick off projects right to get your stakeholders engaged in healthy deliberation on topics that matter.  

  3. Alignment Facilitation - Learn a simple 3-4-5 process to effectively get any group of any size to agree and commit.

  4. Alignment Troubleshooting - Know the most common pitfalls that disrupt alignment and how to avoid and overcome them.

  5. Alignment Follow-Through - Learn how to close out projects to ensure follow through and avoid backsliding. 

How is Alignment Training different?

Alignment principles and practices are simple to learn, remember and apply. There is no need to store what you learn in a big binder on the shelf because you will have it in your bones!

"I really appreciated this training! It's not often that we have a training that people start using immediately like we saw with this one."

-Training Manager

This is not another "sit and get" training. Instead, we use business-driven, action learning methods spread over the course of a month so you have time to learn new skills, AND test them out on the job. While our sessions are totally virtual, you will build skills in class by working with your cohort to solve real business and world problems.  

"Very good framework! Nice to spend lots of time in class exploring the corners of a practice. Many trainings don't do that"

-IT Consultant

You will also leave with a digital alignment tool kit with slides, cheatsheets, and guides that make it easy to successfully run and lead alignment sessions. Not only will you learn powerful techniques, you will leave with confidence knowing you can always get momentum behind your best ideas.

What is the training format and when does the training start?

This virtual training is delivered in 4 sessions over 4 consecutive weeks. Our next session is TBD and based on public interest. 

Join our waitlist below to secure your spot in our next open enrollment program.


To bring a custom Alignment Training to your company, reach out to

How much does the training cost?

The open enrollment program is $1,800 USD per person.

Pricing to bring customized Alignment Training to your company is available on request.

Who is the instructor?

The training is led by Patty Beach, Author of “The Art of Alignment: A Practical Guide to Inclusive Leadership”, CEO of LeadershipSmarts, ICF Master Certified Coach, Executive Consultant and Tech Innovator. 

Your co-trainer is Laura Sprinkle, Certified Alignment Practitioner and LeadershipSmarts Training Manager. 

How do I register?

Join our waiting list by clicking the Join Waitlist button below for our next session. Dates and times TBD, but program is delivered over four, 3-hour sessions over four consecutive weeks. We schedule the class based on availability matches from our wait list.

$1,800 USD per person


"I can't imagine leading my team without alignment. It's been a life saver" 

Cristn Leimer, Supply Chain Manager

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