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The Art of Aligned Leadership 

Certification program for mastering Alignment with your team.

For leaders and managers in organizations who want mastery in inclusive leadership skills to solve complex business problems effectively while building a powerful team of emerging leaders.


  • Enable all stakeholders to engage in new initiatives

  • Master shared leadership to move company goals forward efficiently

  • Ignite your teams decision making power

  • Get your team on fire to work together in collaboration

  • Improve inclusion, equity and diversity by giving everyone a voice

  • Build a team of emerging leaders


You will learn​

  • How to use alignment practices to solve business challenges inclusively

  • Tools and techniques to get any size group to agree and commit

  • How to strategically align stakeholders up, down, and across lines of authority

  • How to ignite bold action and foster a culture of empowerment

The Program

1. The Power of Alignment - learn the secrets to get any group of any size to agree and commit

2. Preparing for Alignment - write great proposals and set your sessions up for success

3. Alignment Practice - master the steps of alignment while solving a real business or company challenge with your mastermind group

4. Closure and Integration - practice and integrate your learning into your work environment

The Format

  • 8 week virtual program

  • Taught by Patty Beach, author of The Art of Alignment: A Practical Guide to Inclusive Leadership and Laura Sprinkle, Lead Alignment Practitioner and Coach

  • 4 dynamic, interactive and practical webinars

  • Small class size for direct learning and implementation - limited to 24 participants

The Details

When and Where

  • Starting February 1st - March 25th, 2023

  • Every other Wednesday from 10-2pm MT

  • 4 Zoom sessions over 8 weeks

Who is this training for?

Managers, team leaders, project managers, functional leaders, and subject matter experts within organizations that seek to effectively lead key stakeholders and teams to deliver tangible business results in record time.  

The Investment

$1,500 USD per person - Save 10% if you secure your place before November 25th, 2022

Enroll with discount: $1,350

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"I can't imagine leading my team without alignment.  It's been a life saver" 

Cristn Leimer, Supply Chain Manager