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Patty Beach

Founder, Speaker, Author, Master Coach

"Patty will make you feel SHUVA! I am always impressed by Patty's balance of expertise, broad experience, and humility that she brings to every presentation."
Director of Operations, Founding Advisors


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SHUVA™: The Secret to Inclusive Leadership


Patty Beach is the CEO of LeadershipSmarts, a leadership development consultancy in Boulder, Colorado that helps managers and executives build a better world in a better way using inclusive leadership best practices. Her unique approach to leadership evolved over twenty years of coaching leaders in companies, non-profits, universities, and government agencies.


Patty is also author of the business bestseller The Art of Alignment: A Practical Approach to Inclusive Leadership. All the tricks and traps of leading Alignment are captured in her easy to read book. When teams use the proven principles and practices of alignment, they quickly transform into an energized team that delivers breakthrough results.

Before earning a Master of Science in Organizational Development from Pepperdine University, and becoming an ICF Master Certified Coach, Patty worked in the Energy Sector leading initiatives in new technology and emerging markets.  

Business Conference




Training Manager & Senior Learning Partner


“I found the session really fascinating and engaging, and I want more! Patty and Roger are a dynamic training duo. They possess a wealth and depth of knowledge and experience that really brings the content to life. I believe that building awareness around feminine/masculine strengths in leadership can really make a positive difference in the workplace. Learning about cultural barriers and unconscious beliefs is crucial for success in our current environment of change and the unknown. We can’t overcome barriers that we don’t know are there. I would certainly be interested in more in-depth trainings in the future.”

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Director of Operations

Founder Advisors

"Spending an hour or two with Patty will save your team days of work. Her alignment process if powerful, but her facilitating alignment is magical. Her passion for inclusive leadership is evident in her style, bringing multiple voices into the room in a respectful and efficient way. She will make you feel SHUVA! And I am always impressed by Patty's balance of expertise, broad experience, and humility that she brings to every presentation."



Program Manager & Boulder Startup Week Track Lead

“During Boulder Startup Week, Patty got a room full of technical people, who are not known for their willingness to do things like dance, to go from disbelief to dancing the salsa within an hour! Not only did they learn the 4 Steps of Alignment, they used them to come to an agreement that made them all feel safe to fully participate. It was amazing to watch! Patty truly does have the gift of giving you practical information you can take and use right away. She is thorough, thoughtful, and always delivers value. I’d recommend her to anyone wanting a speaker to deliver a fun program that will also have a lasting impact.”


Alignment is as simple as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5!

Reach ONE goal – alignment
between TWO or more players using
THREE Principles, FOUR Steps and FIVE Cs 

Leadership often seems like an uphill battle. The problem is, most leaders don’t know how to get people aligned behind a good idea. It can be practically impossible to get everyone on the same page, much less moving forward together. Imagine if you were a leader who could.


Whether you are at the top or the bottom of the organization, there’s a real art to getting everyone aligned. Take it from Patty Beach, who has been helping business leaders move projects, initiatives, strategies, and, ultimately, the mission and vision forward. Pragmatic, thought-provoking, and thoroughly useful, The Art of Alignment is a set of proven principles, and practices that allow you to introduce new ideas and get any group of any size to agree and commit.  


  • The Art of Alignment: A Practical Approach to Inclusive Leadership

  • 3-D Alignment: Have More Influence Up, Down and Across the Organization

  • Principles of Alignment: 3 Principles for Inclusive Leadership

  • Practical Inclusion: Make Inclusive Decisions Without Bogging Things Down

  • 3 Levers of Organizational Alignment to Scale and Grow Your Business

  • Versatility Factor: Boost Your Leadership with Masculine AND Feminine Strengths


  • Get key stakeholders behind a unified vision

  • Gain senior leader sponsorship for your initiatives 

  • Address real reservations that impede forward progress 

  • Foster psychological safety to support healthy dialogue

  • Resolve conflicting priorities that slow change efforts


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