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February 2022


Patty Beach is an executive coach and author of the highly acclaimed book 'The Art of Alignment'. She shares how the acronym SHUVA can change your life from being a better leader to being a better partner.

February 2022

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Patty Beach, Leadership Development Consultant and author of The Art of Alignment, joins SROA Soundboard to share her experiences. She recalls her early career, what being inclusive means, and explains some key ideas in her book. 

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January 2022

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In this episode of The Transformative Leader Podcast, I’m happy to bring you a conversation with Patty Beach about how to transform managers into creative leaders that build “teams on fire that never burn out.” We discuss the 5-step process Patty explores in her new book, The Art of Alignment, as well as many more of her real-life stories, proven principles, and actionable advice for leaders to master the art of team alignment by Amir Ghannad .

October 2021


Patty Beach is founder of LeadershipSmarts. On the Diversity Pivot Podcast with Julie Kratz, we're having tough conversations about privilege, inclusion, and leadership journeys. Patty is the author of The Art of Alignment: A Practical Guide for Inclusive Leadership and the Versatility Factor Profile, an assessment for gender intelligent and inclusive leadership. On this episode, Patty shares:

- How to empathize with people different from yourself
- What code switching is and how to be an ally for those that experience it
- Proven frameworks to support psychological safety for others

September 2021


Interview by Charissa Sims with #1 Amazon Best-Selling Author Patty Beach and Versatility Meditation.
Patty Beach is the CEO of LeadershipSmarts, a firm that combines leadership best practices and coaching to help managers and executives build a better world in a better way. Her approach to leadership evolved over twenty years of coaching leaders in companies, non-profits, universities and government agencies. Her latest book, The Art of Alignment, offers real-life stories, proven principles, and actionable advice. This step-by-step guide explains how to introduce new ideas and get any group of any size to agree and commit. In addition, she offers a Certified Alignment Practitioner Program (CAP).

July 2021


How aligned are you as a leader with your team? To become aligned with your team as a leader requires an environment where everyone is heard and allowed to be part of the decision-making process.

In this episode of the Legendary Leaders Podcast, we have Patty Beach, a coach specializing in leadership development, an organizational development consultant, and the founder of LeadershipSmarts. She combines leadership best practices and coaching to transform managers into the best leaders ever and executives into inspirational role models that can scale and grow the company.

Listen in to learn how to balance both your feminine and masculine energy as a leader to create alignment. You will also learn how you can improve your relationship with people by giving them radiant attention.

June 2021


Patty is the founder of Leadership Smarts, a consulting firm that transforms managers into creative leaders that build "teams on fire that never burn out." Her approach to leadership development evolved over twenty years of designing award-winning programs for companies, universities, nonprofits, and government agencies. Before earning a master's degree in organizational development from Pepperdine University, and becoming an ICF Master Certified Coach, Patty was a geologist and manager leading initiatives in new technology and emerging markets in the energy industry. Patty and her husband, Roger Toennis, also developed the Versatility Factor assessment to foster gender-inclusive leadership that embraces both masculine and feminine values.

May 2021


Brandon Laws interviews Patty Beach about the art of getting employees aligned behind a good idea and leading them effectively toward a vision or goal. The two discuss leadership best practices for setting direction, creating “clockwork,” and empowering employees. Learn how to give your employees a voice and use the “wisdom of the group” to correct misalignments and move forward as a united front.

April 2021


In this episode with Sarah Brown, Patty Beach shares her insights on how to overcome the masculine model of leading and achieving alignment by welcoming a balance between masculinity and femininity as a leader. She also shares tips on how you can get people to listen and follow you without being too hard, too soft, or stuck in the mushy middle.

March 2021


Patty has techniques for creating psychological safety that help you make tough calls as a leader.

January 2021


Leadership often seems like an uphill battle. The problem is most leaders don’t know how to get people aligned behind a good idea. It can be practically impossible to get everyone on the same page, much less moving forward together. But, imagine if you were a leader who could? In her new book, The Art of Alignment, Patty Beach aims to help business leaders move projects, initiatives, strategies, and ultimately, the mission and vision forward. This step by step guide explains how to introduce new ideas and to get any group of any size to agree and commit. You’ll even learn how to get your team members back on track when things fall off the rails.