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The next Community Call will be on November 2nd at 10am MT

Hosted by Cristin Leimer


Join us on ZOOM - Link Below


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September 2022

Tatyana will be presenting about the intersection of DEI work and Alignment. 


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July 2022

This month we will be talking about using Alignment in 1:1 coaching featuring some of our CAPs in the field with their clients. We will also share our new curriculum redesign. It’s so exciting to observe and be a part of the evolution of Alignment Coach Training!

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May 2022

This month we will be featuring Karen Simmons and her work with Autism Today a charity she set up using The Art of Alignment as guiding principles. We will also hear from Mike Green about his recently published book Wandermust: A Hero’s Journey to Seven Truths, and his own personal alignment journey while writing the book.

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February 2022

We featured Dean Hiller, Vice President and CTO of Orderly Health, discussing practical application of Alignment principles in software development. It was a really great call and we want to share with you in case you’d like to review the recording. 

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November 2021

We will be featuring Charles Jones as he discusses his TENOR Method for raising emotional intelligence. You don’t want to miss this one! Charles is a brilliant coach, and we can’t wait to learn more about his methodology - it blends beautifully with alignment. 

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October 2021

Our first CAP Community Call with Patty Beach.

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