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Alignment Leader Lab
Learn how to achieve alignment to deliver business results easily.  

Join us for our next Alignment Leader Lab to learn the skills needed to lead with compassion, create buy-in from everyone, work on real-world problems, and engage with your peers! 

"Do little things as if they were big, so you can do big things as if they were small." 

-Doc Mittleman



Joining a cohort, you will:

·   engage with peers

·   solve your real-world problems

·   talk to other companies

·   compare results

·   get a sense of what’s happening in the marketplace

·   create a truth-telling culture

·   gain tools to use when you are most stressed

·   grow your network

·   become a better leader 

Learn practical skills to get your stakeholders aligned and fired up!

Training is:

  • Live and virtual

  • Delivered in 4 sessions over 4 weeks

  • Wednesdays from 10:00 AM to 12:30 MT

  • Next session: Fall 2023

“The concept of alignment, and the easy ways we learned to get teams there, are so valuable, I wish everyone had it.” 


-Recent participant 

$1,800 USD per person


"I can't imagine leading my team without alignment. It's been a life saver" 

Cristin Leimer, Supply Chain Manager


Boulder, CO 80303


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