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Alignment Learning Labs


Leading others to align with a goal is an ART – and you can learn how to do it.


Imagine being one of those leaders who everyone wants to be around, who’s compassionate and kind – and who also gets things done. 


They have a sort of magic about them. They are open and self-aware, and have the ability to read the room. They know how to bring people together to speak their minds, make great decisions, and get things done! 

These leaders have mastered The Art of Alignment.

"I can't imagine leading my team without alignment. It's been a lifesaver." 

-Cristin Leimer, Supply Chain Manager

Why Does It Matter? 


Alignment is always required to deliver on any project that involves multiple players. You can have the best strategy in the world, but if you don't align all your stakeholders, conflicting priorities, and overwhelm will prevail. Dysfunctional dynamics and conflict

are really just misalignments below the surface that cause frustration, missed deadlines, a false sense of urgency, chaos, and even blame. As the workplace becomes ever more diverse we need alignment more than ever to navigate complexity and tap into our collective wisdom. The bottom line of it is mastering the art of alignment is what separates dreamers from leaders that get things done. 

Alignment Learning Labs 


We have created the ultimate easy-to-use tool kit to help leaders, coaches, and subject matter experts confidently align any group of any size EVERY time. Learning new tools is never enough, instead, you must practice what you learn. In our learning labs, you will learn simple alignment principles and practices and get the chance to run experiments using them to solve real-world problems. Your alignment learning lab experience will provide tangible proof that leading inclusively is much easier and far more powerful than you ever imagined. 

"Very good framework! Nice to spend lots of time in class exploring the corners of a practice.

Most training doesn't do that."

-IT Consultant

What will you learn?​

1. Why alignment is key to business relationships and outcomes

2. The cost of misalignment and how to avoid it

3. Simple yet powerful tools to get any group of any size to agree and commit

4. How to foster healthy deliberation and truth-telling

5. How to include everyone, even your maverick teammates

6. How to troubleshoot disrupters to alignment and overcome them

7. How to ensure follow-through and avoid backsliding by your team

Benefits of Alignment

  • Increased commitment and follow through on projects you lead

  • Improved decision-making quality and speed

  • More influence up, down, and across organizational lines

  • Increased engagement, inclusion, equity, and diversity

  • More productive meetings 

  • Better team dynamics

FAQ / Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this training for?

This training is for leaders and subject matter experts at all levels who must get others working together to deliver business results on time, under budget, and without compromising quality, safety, or the well-being of your team. 


​How is this training different?

Alignment principles and practices are simple to learn, remember, and apply immediately. You won’t store what you learn in a big binder on the shelf because you will have it in your bones!

What is this training based on?

The simple yet profound principles and practices in the best-selling business book, The Art of Alignment: A Practical Guide to Inclusive Leadership by Patty Beach, have been used by thousands of leaders to engage their teams, tap into their collective wisdom, address obstacles, and get the team fully on board with a co-created plan of action. 


Is this virtual or in-person training?

Our training is richly delivered in a series of weekly live highly interactive virtual sessions. Since so many leaders are managing remote workers our virtual training also provides many tips on how to effectively engage in a virtual setting. We do also provide on-site labs at your office or at an event venue. In-person labs are particularly helpful for teams struggling with misalignment and conflict. 


I really appreciated this training! It's not often that we have a training that people start using immediately as we saw with this one."

-IT Training Manager​​

Learn the skills to manage up, down, and across your organization

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