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Business Meeting


Certified Alignment Leader



For Senior Level Employees, Teams and Working Groups

Inside Your Organization



Customized Alignment Sessions bring your people together,

aligned with the mission of the organization.


Your teams need alignment to be efficient and productive. All the real-world problems of your leaders will be addressed in real-time. 

Increase team performance, engagement, inclusion, equity, and commitment level. 

"Authority is not a power; it is a responsibility." 

-Amit Kalantri 


This process works!


When aligned, you will: 

·   gain a higher level of commitment and ownership of outcomes

·   see immediate impact with resolutions of tension and conflict

·   use tools that are business-driven and action-learning on your real-time and real-world problems

·   engage others in co-creating business decisions, plans, and solutions in an efficient way

·   have tools for moments when leaders are most stressed

·   become better leaders with a profound process that you will apply in your daily life

·   change your culture to one of “doing the C’s” 

·   create a new healthier “auto-pilot” mode for your company

·   create psychological safety for everyone

This is not another "sit and get" training. You will actively learn these skills, use them immediately, and embody them for the rest of your life. 


To sign up for a 30-minute Discovery Call:


"If all managers mastered ‘The Art of Alignment’, you would have an engaged and fired up workplace culture." 

-Curt Koffman, NYT Bestselling author of “First Break All The Rules: What the World’s Great Managers Do Differently” & “Culture Eats Strategy for Lunch”


Boulder, CO 80303


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