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The problem is most leaders don’t know how to get people aligned behind a good idea. It can
be practically impossible to get everyone on the same page, much less moving forward
together. Imagine if you were a leader who could. 
There is an art to getting people to align behind a goal and feel on fire to deliver it. Our practice
is dedicated to developing that art form and helping you master it.

We provide world class consultants, coaches and training programs that result in mastery of
conscious, connected, and capable leadership. All our services are delivered virtually over
multiple sessions using video conferencing technology.

  • Alignment skills at the personal, interpersonal, and team level

  • How to align stakeholders up, down, and across the organization

  • Leadership skills including social/emotional intelligence, strategic thinking, systemic thinking, executive presence, employee engagement, inclusive leadership skills

  • Application of alignment principles and practices to resolve real business challenges in the participant’s area of accountability


“Businesses today face tectonic shifts: distributed teams, social justice movements, and disruptive technology. To survive, leaders must reconfigure the bottom line with an ‘all hands on deck’ coordinated effort. This isn’t another ‘hustle culture’ book; instead, it is a roadmap to align team, mission, and goals—a winning formula for any business. Engaging and readable, I highly recommend this book for anyone navigating the uncertain waters of change in the new normal of business we all find ourselves in today.”



Digital Sociologist, USC, Board Member and Director of Infrastructure Masons, and Author

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We make the hard work of inclusive leadership simple to understand and easy to do.


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360 Discovery Training is a solution-focused, high-impact way to develop organizational
leaders. The program below provides structure, goal setting, accountability and support to help
participants identify developmental needs and align around an actionable leadership
development plan (LDP) they will focus on with the support of their manager.


This program is customized for your organizational needs and includes:


Group Training Program 

  • Coordination with internal project manager

  • Live 3-hour webinar to orient the 360-participants and their managers to the 360-process

  • Video recording of the webinar for participants’ future reference

  • Participant guides regarding selection of raters and the 360-process

  • Compilation of all participants’ data into a group profile. Please note, if future groups engage in this process, they may also be added to the group profile.

  • Facilitated session with program sponsor and senior leaders to review the group profile and discuss themes regarding common strengths and challenges shared by participants

Individual Training/Coaching

Over the course of 2 to 6 months, an executive coach will walk each participant through an
interpretation of their 360 assessment and support them in creating a targeted leadership
development plan. Once the plan is created the coach will conduct a facilitated meeting
between the coach, the participant and the participant’s manager to align around the
leadership development plan so that the manager may provide ongoing support until the plan
is completed.

Our coaches will support the client to:


  • Make sense of the data collected

  • Defuse emotional responses and focus on behavioral improvement

  • Put results in context of their role and environment

  • Discuss necessary steps to translate insights into action

Each participant receives:


  • Leadership Circle 360 survey and profile

  • Printed and digital copies of the report and manual

  • 90-minute private session to debrief the profile

  • Two private training sessions to turn insights into a targeted LDP managerOne private facilitated alignment session including the coach, the participant and their

  • One private closure session to debrief the overall experience, gather insights and bring the process to closure  

  • Unlimited Coaching

  • IEQ9 Personality Profile 

  • Leadership Development Plan

  • Facilitated Alignment session between the participant and their boss

  • Access to LeadershipSmarts library of resources 

Investment: Starting at $1,200 a month


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