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Alignment for a
People Centered Company

   Book a FREE Strategy Call to discover the step by step game plan our clients use to:


  • Build a robust retention strategy even if they don’t have support from Senior Leaders


  • Address inclusion and diversity issues to ensure everyone’s voice is heard


  • Overhaul your appraisal process to develop committed conversations and reduce high turnover rates


  • Get great ideas unstuck from behind the red tape and into action while building a high performing and committed team 

What Leaders are saying about the Certified Alignment Leader Program (CAL):

"If all managers mastered ‘The Art of Alignment’, you would have an engaged and fired up workplace culture." 

Curt Koffman, NYT Bestselling author

“First Break All The Rules: What the World’s Great Managers Do Differently” &

“Culture Eats Strategy for Lunch”

“The concept of alignment, and the easy ways we learned to get teams there, are so valuable I wish everyone had it.” 

People Officer 

"I really appreciated this training! It's not often that we have a training that people start using immediately like we saw with this one."

HR Training Manager

"Very good framework! Nice to spend lots of time in class exploring the corners of a practice. Many trainings don't do that"

Change Consultant

"I can't imagine leading my team without alignment. It's been a life saver" 

Supply Chain Manager


Who We Are:

Patty Beach, Author of “The Art of Alignment: A Practical Guide to Inclusive Leadership”, CEO of LeadershipSmarts. 


  • ICF Master Certified Coach, Executive Consultant and Tech Innovator. 

  •  Featured in Forbes as a prolific thought leader in changing company culture and team dynamics.

  • Specializes in helping teams find agreement and commitment on complex business issues, quickly.

  • For the last 25 years Patty has been using these strategies to bring alignment into government agencies, celebrity families, universities, nonprofits and major corporations around the world, saving them millions of dollars in wasted resources, training some of the most successful emerging leaders and coaches in tech and building a company culture focused on inclusivity and diversity.

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