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In today's rapidly evolving business landscape, achieving alignment within your leadership teams is crucial for driving organizational success.

Combining our proven alignment methodology with live-action coaching centered around crafting a solution to address a pressing challenge your team faces. This process delivers both a sound solution and the development of critical leadership skills to foster alignment up, down, and across your organization.

  • Improve decision-making processes and problem-solving capabilities.

  • Enhance collaboration, communication, and trust among team members.

  • Drive sustainable growth, innovation, and success for your organization.

  • Increase clarity, focus, and alignment around organizational goals and objectives.

  • Strengthen leadership effectiveness and resilience in navigating complex challenges and conflicting priorities.


“Alignment sounds like a soft word, kind of touchy-feely. It is not. It is the hard work that leadership is all about. Alignment is a Promise of Leadership. The implicit expectation is that you, as the leader, will align the organization. That expectation is met by an unspoken promise that you will guide us to row together and amplify each other’s contribution; that you will engage us in a creative exploration that evokes our common passion; that you will create a truth-telling culture that gets us vision focused. Fulfilling that promise gets the best ideas implemented. This book is an actionable guide to creating and maintaining alignment. Read it if you want to become that kind of leader.”




The Leadership Circle

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We make the hard work of inclusive leadership simple to understand and easy to do.


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Leadership Alignment with live-action coaching offers your leadership team both solutions and skill sets to support immediate and long term business outcomes.


This program is customized for your organizational needs and includes:


Initial Assessment: One-to-one interviews to identify key challenges and lines of authority to clarify each participant's role in the alignment and decision-making process. In addition, up to four planning sessions and development of customized agenda and participant assignments to maximize team sessions.


Team Sessions: One virtual orientation to preview upcoming events and assign pre-work to participants. One in-person team live-action coaching session using our alignment methodology to guide problem-solving and decision-making, ensuring that all relevant aspects are considered. Development and practice of inclusive leadership skills to achieve alignment and to foster alignment with stakeholders in their area of accountability.


One-to-one Coaching: Private sessions to help the team leader set expectations, empower the team, and sponsor initiatives that may emerge.


Follow Through Coaching: Quarterly virtual check-ins to monitor progress, address any emerging issues, and reinforce alignment efforts over time. One year access to our online Alignment Toolkit of downloadable resources, templates, and guides.

Investment: Starting at $10,000

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