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A Kinder Way of Working

My intention for this new year is to reach as many leaders as I can to share my process and framework of SHUVA to bring more kindness, empathy and compassion into the workplace.

When employees feel valued, the level of productivity increases.

Teams that communicate freely and safely are more productive and activated.

SHUVA = productivity, employee engagement, staff retention, collaboration and innovation

SHUVA is a method of communication that raises the feeling of connection with almost instant effect and increases an organization's productivity by 50%.

The basic human need of SHUVA meets the employees need to be seen, heard, understood, valued and appreciated and when they are, psychological safety is inevitable and a sense of belonging and openness develops.

In a recent Stanford study on the impact of giving empathy and compassion to others, they discovered an actual immune response. That the act of being empathic and compassionate increases your immunity, it actually makes you healthier to be kind and understanding to others.

So, how do we SHUVA?

How do we make SHUVA intentional?

How do we strengthen our working relationships and build our networks with SHUVA?

We encourage our leaders to be more empathic, more human, vulnerable and compassionate - but what do you do to increase that?

When deadlines are tight and everyone is under pressure to deliver - how can we bring more kindness into the workplace?

The simple process of SHUVA brings reliable and predictable outcomes.

SHUVA is the pathway to alignment. It is the first step in the 3-4-5 Alignment process to a complete self-aligning organization.

Not only is it a simple guaranteed process with predictable results it also creates a new language and culture around being valued and included in the organization.

If you are struggling to bring an inclusive approach to your organization and are looking for a process that anyone can follow and see immediate results with, then sign up for our next free webinar to find out more.


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