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Motivate Your Team with Moonshot Thinking

If you are leading a talented team, they will be more motivated by bold goals.

To inspire your team to reach high, use “moonshot thinking”. A moonshot is an inspirational target that seems nearly impossible to reach. When you shoot for it you challenge your team to have a bigger impact by testing the limits of their current thinking.

Moonshot thinking frames all problems as solvable and encourages ‘anything is possible’ conversations around how to approach the challenge.

When you strive beyond current reality toward a noble ideal, you provoke creativity and fresh thinking.

Even if you don’t achieve your moonshot target, you will surely increase your impact and reach. Assuming your business goals contribute to the greater good, why not go for it?

So, what is your moonshot goal for next year?

As an example ours is to double our 2022 revenue and tenfold the number of leaders mastering alignment while working less and enjoying the growth of the business and team.

If you could achieve anything in your company, what would it be?

I’d love to hear your goals. Send me a message with your one line moonshot goal for 2023.

Book a complimentary strategy session with one of my team where we will focus on creating a solution oriented plan for your alignment challenge. This is 1 hour entirely dedicated to focus on the current misalignment you are facing in your company with a clear space to set the intention for your moonshot goal.

Stay aligned!


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