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Slow Down the Decision Making

Alignment can’t be forced or faked.

In a large organization, often it is the case that people don't always understand what they have agreed to. We thought they were in agreement because they said yes, but nothing changes.

They didn’t read the email. Projects get delayed and go over budget. There is no engagement.

Management just wants to fix it. But no one agreed to or likes the decisions being made.

This is frustrating and a waste of time for everyone.

We are in a time of change. The old way of running business no longer works, is not satisfying and does not yield the results we know are possible.

With the Alignment principles I have recently coached a 20 person board to work with their entire company to align around their core mission and strategy. The power of this unity has seen exponential results for the company growth.

  • Staff retention increases, people actually love going into work when they feel part of the daily activities and know where the company is going and the values they stand by.

  • Profits increase when all the energy that was once taken up with misalignment and complaining is now poured into consistent and highly productive work, on target, and on strategy.

  • Creative innovation increases. As a leader, when you know that your team has got your back, when there is support for all ideas and a space and the permission to hear all voices then outstanding ideas are revealed and wise choices are made.

By slowing down the decision making process and including everyone’s voice, we get to really see what ideas are being proposed and take the time to explore them fully.

During the 3-4-5 Alignment process, we look for compliments first. All too often ideas are teared down without examining them or without recognising the time and effort that has gone into presenting them. When there is the time and space to share clarifications, concerns and suggested changes, we get to see exactly where everyone is on the team AND if the idea is really worth pursuing.

All too often we have seen ideas being forced on teams with empty promises, aggressive deadlines and selling tactics.

This does not work to move an idea forward.

It does not work to build a culture of collaboration with a loyal team.

Using the formal process and principles of The Art of Alignment we elegantly move from complaining to finding solutions, together as a team.

We move from uncertainty if the team is in agreement because nothing is changing, to a team that is so on fire they are committed with their own free will because they believe in the vision as much as the leader who is proposing it.

Alignment builds conscious, connected and capable leaders who see the possibility of their idea coming into being with their entire team and organization behind them.


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