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What Does Versatility in Leadership Mean for You?

“True leaders don’t create followers, they create more leaders.”

For many years, organizations held a subconscious belief that ‘masculine’ qualities were synonymous with leadership, while ‘feminine’ qualities were antithetical to leadership and business.

Those who lead from a ‘masculine’ paradigm about leadership believe:

- Power comes from the top

- Efficiency is key

- There is only one right answer (mine)

- Facts and logic trump feelings

The heavy leaning on telling and selling as a way to get things done has often been at the expense of listening openly and nurturing healthy relationships.

Those who lead from a ‘feminine’ paradigm believe:

- Power should be shared

- Flexibility is key

- There are many solutions

- Feelings must be acknowledged

The emphasis on kindness and empathy can often undermine the importance of taking direct and strategic action to get things done.

These binary ways of thinking about leadership can disconnect us from access to the full spectrum of creative potential available to us all.

In our Alignment model, one of the principles we introduce is the Versatility Principle.

Leaders that embrace Versatility expand their effectiveness by turning between masculine ‘push energy’ and feminine ‘pull energy’ to solve problems as needed.

When you adopt the Versatility Principle, you intentionally and strategically balance the ‘masculine/push’ style of leading with the ‘feminine/pull’ style based on the task and team at hand.

When we tap into the full spectrum of ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’ strengths using the Versatility Principle, we deliver more value to customers, more profits to shareholders, and create a balanced workplace where all can thrive.

Our Alignment practices are all founded in the Versatility Principle so when you use them you will naturally become a more versatile leader and play a role in creating a versatile culture in your team.

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