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Starting Fall 2023!

Who is this training for?

Coaches, facilitators & OD consultants that seek to transform their clients and teams while delivering tangible business results in record time.  

What we cover 

  • How to use alignment practices to solve business challenges inclusively yet efficiently

  • Tools and techniques to get any size group to agree and commit

  • How to strategically align stakeholders up, down, and across lines of authority

  • How to ignite bold action and foster a culture of empowerment

  • How to coach leaders to achieve alignment at the personal, interpersonal, team, and organizational level

  • How to incorporate the tools of Alignment into your coaching practice


What you get 

  • 5-month virtual program taught by Patty Beach, author of the Art of Alignment A Practical Guide to Inclusive Leadership

  • Eleven, 2-hour dynamic webinars full of live demonstrations

  • 6 coaching practice sessions to put all you learn into practice 

  • Capstone field case to start using alignment with your clients 

  • Permission to use our proprietary materials with your clients  

  • Opportunity to join our global community of Certified Alignment Practitioners  

  • 32 hours ICF Continuing Education Credits (pending approval)

When and Where  

  • Every other Wednesday from 10-12 mountain time 

  • 11 Zoom sessions beginning Wednesday, January 11th


"I just introduced alignment tools at a 2-day executive retreat. It was the best, most effective retreat I've ever led. I'm feeling so full of joy about the impact of the work."

Sandra Visser, ICF PCC Coach with 20 years experience



Leaders have personal alignment when they feel clear and confident enough to step boldly into their vision.

Alignment coaching helps leaders:​

  • Clarify their vision

  • Identify and resolve internal conflicts

  • Build congruence to align how you think, feel, and act

  • Manage your ego, while growing in confidence to challenge status quo

  • Develop a mindset conducive to co-creativity



With interpersonal alignment, productivity comes naturally, and emerging issues are easily addressed.

Alignment coaching helps leaders:​

  • Identify key stakeholders

  • Move ideas up, down, and across the organization

  • Assume responsibility for relationship quality

  • Build co-creative relationships

  • Resolve misalignments

  • Seek out mentors and allies



When teams reach alignment they agree on the vision and the path to achieve it.

Alignment coaching helps leaders:​  

  • Build psychological safety

  • Create an inclusive, truth-telling culture where all voices are heard

  • Get any group to come to a consensus to feel ownership and hold themselves accountable


"CAP training has helped me have more confidence in my transition from counseling to corporate coaching. I've really enjoyed being part of this community with others who are committed to being more relational in the world."

Melissa Ryan, Couples therapist breaking into coaching 


Coach Training Program


Space is limited. Reserve your place today! 

Save 10% if you secure your place before October 15th. Payment options available.

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