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SHUVA™ Brings Awareness to the Quality of Your Connections

I just returned from New York after recording my SHUVA™ TEDx Talk at Nazareth University.

It felt so great to share this simple formula to help people connect more deeply and productively. SHUVA™ is systematic approach to connecting with yourself and others that works on both a personal and professional level. As I’ve been working on my talk I’ve been excited to see that many are already experiencing an immediate up tick in their awareness of the quality of their connection with others and the lack of quality of connection that can sneak up on you sometimes.

A few nights before delivering my talk I spent a night with a friend that had recently moved to upstate New York. My dear husband Roger must have listened to my talk one hundred times so I asked my friend and her spouse if they would be willing to let me practice with them. They graciously agreed and I set up my tiny stage in their living room. I practiced the talk twice and we had a little chat about it. Both commented that they could do a better job of SHUVAing each other (seeing, hearing, understanding, valuing, and appreciating), then we went off to bed. In the morning, I overheard my friend and her husband talking while they made breakfast for Roger and I. My friend told her husband, “SHUVA has saved us because I just remembered that I love you.” Whew, it hit me, this is what SHUVA is all about, finding the good in one another and building from there.

As we said goodbye the two of them were smiling and seemed a lot happier than when we arrived. I left dreaming about what my TEDx video might do. Surely every couple could benefit from doubling down on SHUVA with each other.

I hope my TEDx Talk will start the SHUVAlution the world needs right now.

If you want to kick off 2024 with the ability to build powerful co-creative relationships this one is for you.


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