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SHUVA™ | The Greatest Leadership Innovation of Our Time

I’m so excited to be speaking on the TEDx stage this month and sharing the profound impact of SHUVA™ to thousands of people that might benefit from using a simple formula that can resolve all relationship issues.

SHUVA™ allows us to feel safe in the world. To know that when we offer an idea or request we will be listened to. Knowing that the other person is committed to SHUVA™, changes the way we show up to that relationship and how we show up in the world.

To increase your co-creativity and alignment in your relationships use this SHUVA™ checklist as a starting point:

See - The next time you walk into a meeting, actually notice who is present. Take the time to be present to who is in the room. Notice where your attention is.

Hear - Ask a question and then pause and actually wait for the answer without hurrying the person along. Are you thinking about what you want to say next or what the other person is saying?

Understand - Are you listening just to get the conversation over and onto the next thing or can you listen to really understand the person’s intention behind the words?

Value - Build on each other’s ideas by valuing the other person’s contribution to the conversation. Can you put aside your own ideas and opinions and listen to learn?

Appreciate - Do you just say thank you and move on or are you actually appreciative of connecting with another human being?

By applying the simple formula of SHUVA™ all relationships, all environments shift from disconnected and toxic into healthy, energized places of creative potential where everyone thrives.

To deepen your learning and experience of SHUVA™ as a leadership tool in your organization or with clients, join us for the Introduction to Alignment Program.


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